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Area Lights and Sirens

August 23, 2013 · 12:57 PM

Aug. 17 — A Kitsap County Sheriff’s officer was dispatched to SW Conifer Lane for an “unknown problem” at a residence. The investigation report states, “an out of breath female called 911 saying, ‘Step dad going crazy.’ The female told the call receiver she could not speak freely.” Two deputies arrived where they were greeted by children outside who said their mother needed help upstairs because she was having a panic attack. The mother was found lying on the floor on her side, “breathing heavily, gasping for air and shaking,” states the report. The deputy called for South Kitsap Fire and Rescue to come to the scene. The children relayed that their stepdad was upset and was getting “in their mother’s face” and “punched a hole in a wall.” The children ran into their mother’s bedroom to try and comfort her before he came in and pulled one daughter away from her mother. The mother told the girls to dial 911. Upon trying, the girls’ stepfather came into another bedroom and took away the cell phone. One tried calling on the house phone, but he took the phone away before running outside. After talking with police, it was clear the female was a victim of domestic violence from a previous marriage. The male was arrested for assault 4 DV, interfering with reporting of domestic violence and malicious mischief domestic violence. The male also tried giving a different account on the way to jail, the report states. His bail is set for $20,000. ***

After noting a car driving up onto a sidewalk on E. Broad Street, a Washington State Patrol officer followed the vehicle and noticed it “struck the sidewalk three more times” before pulling the driver over. The officer noted “the driver had flushed face, watery bloodshot and droopy eyes,” states the report. The officer asked the driver where he was going and where he was coming from. The driver stated he was headed home from the Cloverleaf where he had “a couple beers” called “Irish Death and Ridge Top Red.” The driver agreed to field sobriety tests and stumbled upon exiting his vehicle, which he tried to use for balance. After several field sobriety tests, the officer asked if the driver would take a preliminary breath test, to which he responded, “I guess so. I know that I had too much to drink. Now can I just walk home?” states the report. The officer told the driver he was not walking home. The breath test showed a sample of .146 alcohol content. The driver was arrested and read his Miranda Rights and was booked into Kitsap County Jail for DUI on Aug. 17.


A 19-year-old man with a schizophrenic history was arrested in Seabeck on Aug. 16 for assault 4 domestic violence on his father. The father and son got into a dispute when the father asked his son to clean up “the mess he had made,” states the Certificate of Probable Cause report. The son then pushed his father, grabbed his wrist and put him in a headlock. The 54-year-old father’s shirt was ripped in the process. The officer noted no visible marks on the father. The father said his neck hurt and showed the officer the ripped t-shirt. The officer spoke with the son and asked him several questions and repeated the story his father had given. “He told me that he got mad because his father would not give him his medication and he needs to take his medication in the morning and at night. I asked him what was his medication for and he told me it is for his “mental problems,” states the report. The 19-year-old agreed to all statements and said he knew he did something wrong and “that he should not touch anyone,” states the report. He was arrested for “suspicious of assault 4th DV” and was handcuffed and read his Miranda Rights, which he claimed he understood. The officer stated in the report that the father said he “administers” the medication twice a day and had already given his son the medication, Ziprasidone, 80 mg, that morning. He was booked to the county jail where staff was “made aware of his medical condition,” states the report. His bail is set for $5,000.


Aug. 18 — A 19-year-old man with a prior criminal history was arrested by the Bremerton Police Department for two counts of assault in the 3rd degree, possession/consumption of alcohol by a minor and two warrants for a bail total of $145,000. The young man was found in an alley to the west of S. Lafayette Avenue in a car with a female with no lights on. The area is known for drug activity and vehicle prowling, states the report. After shining a spotlight on the vehicle for safety reasons, the officer noticed a male passenger “moving quickly” inside the vehicle. Upon reaching the vehicle, the officer noticed the passenger sweating when the weather was in the high 50s to low 60s. The officer spoke with the driver who said the two were “looking for a $20 bill the male had lost,” states the report. The driver stated the two were taking a break after the officer asked why they were not looking outside the vehicle.  After asking for identification, the driver gave hers to the officer, but the passenger became disgruntled and demanded to know why the officer wanted it. The driver was asked to step outside the vehicle to chat with the officer. She offered up that the passenger had been drinking whiskey and that he was underage. The officer thought the minor looked familiar, but could not recall his name, states the report. Another officer arrived on scene to assist. After checking and locating information on the passenger, records showed two warrants, one including vehicle prowling 2nd degree. The officers advised Frederick C A Crawford to step out of the car as he was under arrest, but Crawford turned in his seat “as if he was not going to get out of the vehicle.” The second officer knew the passenger well and said he would “put up a fight.” Police asked for a second unit, the passenger “spun backwards and reached behind the seat” inside the car, states the report. Fearing a weapon would be in hand, a firearm was immediately directed at the passenger who was told to step out of the car once again. The passenger stiffened his body and fought with the officers, prompting one to pull a taser after officers were assaulted by the passenger.

Backup was called to assist in arresting the passenger who was booked in the Kitsap County jail. Both officers sustained injuries including bloody knuckles, abrasions and facial pain from being struck by Crawford.


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