Central Kitsap Reporter Letters to the Editor | Oct. 18

Decision 2008

Connect the dots

“Follow the money trail” can tell you a lot about a candidate for public office and to whom they owe their allegiance. State House of Representatives candidate Kim Abel has accepted thousands of dollars from five Washington Indian tribes. One of her tribal contributors received exclusive use of 200 feet of our Port Orchard waterfront thanks to a backroom deal with the well-noted Port of Bremerton.

Interestingly, other current Port Commissioner Bill Mahan and former Commissioner Mary Ann Huntington have helped bankroll Abel’s campaign, too. Connect the dots: These folks pursue their own personal agendas and not the best interests of their constituents.


Port Orchard

Don’t give Garrido her

job back

Newcomers to Kitsap County, beware! A friendly looking lady presenting herself as a community volunteer who supports education, job creation and transportation was removed from office eight years ago by the voters and she has repeatedly tried — but failed — to get her job back.

Charlotte Garrido is her name and gridlock is her game. Her four years as county commissioner in the late 1990s brought malaise, inaction and endless studies. Employers took their businesses to other areas while Kitsap County residents lost good job opportunities. Safety projects to improve our roads were sidelined while Charlotte created land-use catastrophes.

Kitsap County is facing serious budgetary shortfalls. The last person we want to navigate us through tough financial waters is Charlotte Garrido, who as a South Kitsap Parks commissioner helped drive the district into bankruptcy and dissolution.


Port Orchard

Garrido is for the people

I have seen many comments on the blogs and letters to the editor during the campaign, trying to scare people away from voting for Charlotte Garrido.

I’m a lifelong Republican. I have known Charlotte for nearly 15 years.

Every Saturday you’ll find her at a farmers market, taking the pulse of the community, listening to the concerns of the people there. Answering questions that she can, while getting back to people with answers later, after some research.

I’ve worked with Charlotte in the course of my own volunteer activities and I’ve found her to be an advocate of the priorities of the regular folks, (you know, the ones who have been ignored over the past eight years).

She has worked tirelessly for this county’s farmers, neighborhoods, local businesses, workers and taxpayers — both as an elected official and volunteer. She has never played dirty politics, never betrayed her own sense of honor in seeking office. She has never put politics above the good of the people.

In all the years I’ve known her, “balance and calm” have been evident in how she conducts herself. Even under the most despicable political attacks, she prefers to answer with truth and common sense.

Her fiscal responsibility in the county budget has since been unmatched — we all know how spending has ballooned under the recent commissioners.

Charlotte believes in fairness above all, something that has been sorely lacking for the past two go-rounds with the now-exiting Republican.

Her vision of growth, balanced with the protection of the natural beauty we all love here, has raised the ire of Tim Matthes supporters and the groups he advocates. These groups, regardless of their press releases, are working hard to continue the unchecked development they’ve gotten from Jan Angel.

Before you vote for yet another Realtor who wants to continue the out of control development the spec builders, developers, timber companies and real estate brokers demand — if you want the power to back in the hands of the people, consider voting for Charlotte Garrido.




values Kitsap

I’m lucky to live in Kitsap County. My connections and relationships with the community continually grow. I work, live, play, raise my family and shop here. I value Kitsap. I want to see our local economy prosper. By supporting local businesses we can succeed in making this happen.

Local businesses stay in our community. They do not bail out for cheaper opportunities in foreign countries, leaving behind catastrophic economic losses. For every dollar spent locally, 45 percent of that dollar is circulated back in our economy.

Overall, if you buy local, you are creating more resources to solve Kitsap County’s social and environmental problems.

If you value Kitsap, then vote for Charlotte Garrido, because she understands and values Kitsap, too.


Port Orchard

You can trust Neatherlin

Randy Neatherlin is a genuinely nice human being and my friend. A big, strong, good-natured guy with a well-developed sense of right and wrong, he has become a fearless fighter for other people’s interests — especially children. This natural inclination to look out for his friends and neighbors has thrust him into a respected leadership role in his community — where he serves on various boards and committees and as an elected port commissioner.

Randy is very bright and has an in-depth understanding of the issues that impact his district. Owning local businesses and employing people has given him insight into the problems that confront regular working people and their families. He is a lot of fun to listen to when he reduces complex policy positions into colorful everyday language that anyone can understand.

With his energy and enthusiasm, Randy is simply not made to sit on a back bench. He will make himself known the first day the Legislature is in session. You can trust Randy without reservation. A person like him is a rare quantity in political circles and the people of the 35th Legislative District are fortunate to have his name on their ballot.



Governor, how can we believe you?

If you can’t control your own campaign, how can we believe you can control the state bureacracy?

Governor, as this campaign progresses, I continue to lose respect for you as an individual.

I just heard another of your deceptive ads. Here is the truth:

• Dino Rossi does not support lowering the minimum wage for any adult in Washington.

• Dino Rossi does not want to put casinos in my neighborhood.

• Dino Rossi supports stem cell research.

Please run ads correcting these lies.



Danielson a valuable asset

When I first started practicing law, I worked for a general practice firm and was assigned various types of cases dealing with numerous laws. If I needed advice about case law or trial procedures, I called Bruce Danielson. With most attorneys, time is money and they are always concerned about billable hours. This was never the case with Bruce. He always took the time to answer my questions and assist me. Bruce Danielson has been my mentor. He has a unique ability to analyze complex legal issues quickly, understand the laws applicable to a case and knows which course of action should be pursued for the most efficient, cost-effect manner for the client. His knowledge of civil litigation law: business, property, divorce, and bankruptcy and federal law, is extensive and not just the technical issues, but practical aspects as well. Bruce Danielson is highly respected among his colleagues who have had cases decided by Bruce as an arbitrator. Bruce Danielson also has a reputation for working toward resolutions rather than prolonging litigation. Bruce Danielson would be a valuable asset to the Kitsap Superior Court.


Attorney at Law


Conney is the top candidate

Larry Cooney is the best choice for District 23 State Legislature. As times get tough we can no longer afford to let the government squander the people’s money and run honest small business into the ground. Larry has stated he will work to reduce spending and balance the state budget. The incumbent is for increased state spending, and seems to have little regard for the needs of business. Cooney will make it easier to run a business in Washington state by working to remove many of the government mandates that do more harm than good.

The state auditor has completed an audit of many state agencies and cited ways to save the taxpayers millions, if not billions, of dollars, yet little or nothing has been done to implement the state auditor’s recommendations. Larry Cooney will work with the auditor’s report to get many of these state agencies to stop wasting taxpayer’s money. State spending needs to be brought under control, and Larry Cooney is the man to do it.

Larry Cooney has read the Washington State Constitution and believes firmly in Article I, Section 1, “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.” He knows the fundamental job of the government is to protect individual rights and allow adults to make informed decisions for themselves. He will not cater to special interests by voting for laws that give them special privileges at the expense of individual rights.



Appleton an advocate for children

Sherry Appleton has worked tirelessly for Washington’s children. One of her priorities is to make health care available for every child in Washington state and we’re covering more children every year. Sherry knows healthy children are better equipped to succeed socially as well as scholastically. She also is a champion of early childhood education in the public school system and knows this is especially important in disadvantaged areas. Her attitude that healthy children given good early learning opportunities will grow into healthy adults who are better prepared to earn a living wage for their families, is an attitude I share. That’s why I’m voting for Sherry Appleton.



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