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Talking to Democrats | Letter

November 20, 2012 · 5:45 PM

Somehow I don’t see God in the picture when two he’s or two she’s say I do. I don’t think he is pleased with that arrangement and I suspect sanctification may be withheld. But hey, that is progress today.

A family no longer needs a dad and a mom to bring up the kids since two dads or two moms can do the job.  But hey, that is progress today. And, while you are at it, keep that Bible closed. We can’t have God messing things up. No prayer in our schools. That also interferes with progress since it comes from a book that contains hate speech, so says some of our courts. So please, you progressives,  keep that bible out of the reach of children. It interferes with progress, you see. Forget that First Amendment about speech.  As we progress we will need to alter it someway and impose progressive restrictions.

Bring on more abortion clinics at taxpayer expense as we pursue progress throwing in free contraceptives in the bargain. Hallelujah for progress even if it is in the wrong direction. I wonder if the mayor of Sodom/Gomorrah thought that  he was pursuing progress?

Are you Democrats, I mean progressives, getting this?

Ray Womack


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