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Letters from Oct. 3, 2007

Interchange project: A waste of taxpayers’ money

As an employee of the federal government, I am required to report cases of waste, fraud and abuse. The $16.7 million spent to revise the Waaga Way/Clear Creek interchange is the most egregious example I have ever witnessed. After the dust had cleared and the new project opened, we were dumbfounded to learn that the solution was a series of traffic impeding signals. Westbound traffic on Waaga Way is held hostage for traffic coming from the mall. The holidays will be a nightmare. Since the solution was traffic signals, placing one light at Waaga Way and Clear Creek could have alleviated the problem and saved $16.6 million. The only winner in this project is the contractor. Taxpayers were the definite losers!



Thank you: Clear Creek Celebration a success

Our annual Clear Creek Celebration and fund-raiser was a great success again this year with the help of wonderful community support. Although the weather was a bit iffy, the event was a lot of fun, and we were able to generate needed funds to continue our work. Along with our Task Force volunteers, we called in the Marines, tapped the Navy, and got wonderful help from our local business community.

The CK Reporter provided great publicity for the event, Orchard Foods Taco Bell was a major sponsor, and EJB (which operates Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor) provided the big canopies which the Marines erected. The Suquamish Tribe provided the salmon for the top-notch meal expertly prepared by volunteers from the Navy chefs from the USS Maine blue crew. These pros turned out an impeccable meal that was second to none. Starbucks, Albertsons, Safeway, Silverdale Market, Alaska Distributors and Grape Expectations Wine Shop provided additional food and beverages to round out the meal. Harrison Medical Center and Advanced Rentals provided service items and the grill. All Star Lanes, Timber Falls Miniature Golf, Spiro’s Pizza, the Candy Shoppe, Admiral Theater, Monica’s Waterfront Bakery, Body Reform, Tucker’s at Gold Mountain and the Wild Bird Center stepped forward to provide prizes.

The creativity, artistry, and skill evident in the decorated salmon never ceases to amaze. It was a real challenge for our judges to award prizes for each of the categories. Folks were generous in their bidding, but they went home with some real treasures.

The kids from the S’Klallam Tribe dance troop provided some enchanting entertainment which made a perfect climax to our celebration. All together, it turned out to be a wonderful family event.

The support provided by our friends and the business community made this celebration a great success and a lot of fun. For all of you who made this such a successful event — hope to see you next year. Thanks a million.


Clear Creek Task Force


Letters on letters: Misstatements in challenges

In challenges to my letter (CK Reporter, Sept. 21) from Edward Roe (Sept. 26) and Robert A. Taylor (Sept. 29), there have been several misstatements of fact and a willingness to ignore the “elephant in the room.”

To Roe — the Whig party disappeared into irrelevancy in 1852 and disappeared totally in 1860 because it wouldn’t confront the issue of slavery, which the Democrat party was completely and totally in support of. The emerging Republican party came into existence primarily to oppose slavery. The Republican party has a history of strong support to minorities. The Democrats, until after 1964, were quite the opposite. For example, that party pushed for the Davis-Bacon act that helped the white-only unions and harmed small black-owned businesses, and Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the one who ordered the internment of those of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast during World War II. To insinuate that southern Democrats became Republicans ignores the wonderful case of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, former Grand Klegle of the KKK, who has a high position in the Democrat party.

To Taylor — I agree that we should also consider Vietnam. Remember that the North Vietnamese decided to invade South Vietnam. Remember that the people of the South wanted to remain free of communist domination. The U.S. had a treaty obligation to aid and assist South Vietnam to remain free of this domination, and attacks by North Vietnam would merit a response (even if the Gulf of Tonkin was fabricated). In 1974, North Vietnam signed the Paris Peace accords, agreeing to respect the sovereignty of South Vietnam. But Ted Kennedy in the Senate, and other “cut and run” politicians decided that the U.S. should offer no further assistance, and we allowed North Vietnam to invade and conquer South Vietnam, without any assistance from us. The hundreds of thousands that died and the millions that fled (the boat people) and the millions in re-education camps are the legacy of that treachery. (Would the Democrats have abandoned Caucasian Europeans?) Ask the Vietnamese-Americans here what their reaction is about what we did in 1975; I haven’t found any fans of those lamentable actions amongst them.

And as to the “concocted untruths” of WMDs and the Iraq war — that is another big lie. Read the entire resolution by Congress (H.J. Res 114), where there are 22 reasons stated as to why force was authorized to be used. The resolution passed 296 to 133 in the House and 77 to 23 in the Senate. The resolution does speak of WMDs — Saddam’s use of them in the past and the discovery of WMDs during inspections in the 1990s. But the resolution also speaks of Saddam’s support of terrorism (he was aiding and harboring persons who attempted to topple the World Trade Center in 1993, and had a training camp at Salmon Pak where terrorists could train in a plane fuselage on in-flight takeovers). The resolution also speaks of the oppression of the people of Iraq. It also mentions the 1998 resolution of Congress, signed by Clinton, stating the policy of the U.S. should be to have regime change in Iraq. And we can see by the lies and distortions of facts and the willingness to ignore statements by Democrats in the late 1990s and up to 2003, that the Democrats want to politicize the war by focusing only on WMDs. They suggest that the Iraqi people would be better with the monster Saddam still ruling, as if stability was to be preferred to a chance for freedom. And that takes us back to the Democrats of the 1860s wanting the stability of slavery. The 1864 Democrat candidate running against Lincoln was “war hero” Gen. George McClellan, who ran on an anti-war platform and was willing to end the war by not fighting it and allowing the country to remain divided, and allowing slavery to continue. To say “references to history are just non sequiturs” is to ignore the primary lesson — “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” — Winston Churchill.

The last great Democrat stated: “Let every nation know, whether, it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival of liberty.” -President John F. Kennedy, 1961.

Apparently the Democrats of today have repudiated this claim that we care about any other country’s efforts to gain liberty for their people. All the trash talk about President Bush and General Petraeus is focused on getting a withdrawal without facing the true costs of such a policy. The cost of the “cut and run” policy in Iraq will be many times more costly that the human suffering experienced when we failed the South Vietnamese people in 1975..but hey, to the Democrats, the Iraqi people aren’t voters, and apparently aren’t considered worth helping.



Kitsap DCD: Keeton doing a superb job

We are writing to express support for the reorganization of the Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD). Since arriving at DCD, Director Larry Keeton has rolled up his sleeves and carefully studied the processes and obligations of his department. He has thoroughly evaluated the way the department provides services and as a result has concluded that there may be a better way.

The ideas being proposed by Director Keeton and his management team are worth a try. Keeton and his assistant directors, Jim Bolger and Jeff Rowe-Hornbaker, have spent the time necessary to evaluate the services, problems and skills of their staff to know there is a better way. We support and respect their decisions and look forward to implementation of the reorganization.


Home Builders Association

of Kitsap County2007 president


HBA Developer’s Council

2007 chair

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