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Letters from June 14, 2006

Election 2006

Voters should ignore deputies

Pat Jones hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer in his Reader Sound-Off (June 7 CK Reporter) regarding “Unhappy Deputies.” The disgruntled attitude coming out of a few deputies’ mouths almost sounds like a broken record repeat of the allegations about 10 years ago against Pat Jones.

And now nearly the same people who harassed Sheriff Jones are targeting Steve Boyer, a fine sheriff who had a commendable record with the Washington State Patrol and who turned down a significant promotion to stay in Kitsap County. It’s so obvious that this is just a bunch of political baloney from a few guild members who in the past have cost us taxpayers a lot of money with their frivolous lawsuits, and who have neither the training nor management experience to effectively assume the difficult duties of sheriff.

As Sheriff Jones notes if their allegations of criminal conduct were true, he’d be behind bars. Voters in Kitsap County should pay no attention to them, and overwhelmingly reelect Sheriff Steve Boyer.



Adele is misleading

After reading Adele Ferguson’s June 7 column, it is quite clear that she, once again, doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Her blather on the qualities of Steve Boyer as sheriff is full of unqualified opinion and very little fact. The facts she does include are spun in a feeble attempt to make her sound like she knows what she’s talking about. Let me clarify some of Ms. Ferguson’s misleading statements.

Ferguson states that Steve Boyer has added 26 deputies to the force since becoming sheriff. That sounds wonderful; however, we still have the same number of deputies on the street answering citizen complaints as there was in 1999. Our county still ranks 36th out of 39 counties in Washington for the lowest number of officers per capita. Boyer did a great job bolstering his administration, which the public doesn’t perceive, yet you’re still lucky to see a patrol car cruising down your street deterring crime.

Ferguson claims that entry level deputy salary increased from $33,000 plus benefits to $47,000 a year during Steve Boyer’s term. She further states we “get” an additional $1,000 a month for medical benefits, yet I pay over $200 a month out of pocket for my basic Group Health medical plan. My weapon and car are still provided, as they always have been. There’s only one major problem here, Ms. Ferguson, Steve Boyer had nothing to do with getting us any of these pay raises or benefits! Every contract we’ve received since Steve Boyer has been sheriff has been awarded by an arbitrator.

No, once again Ms. Ferguson, you are sorely misinformed. Just because you like having lunch with Steve Boyer doesn’t necessarily make him the best choice to continue as our sheriff.





editorial shows ignorance

Your portrayal of ISC (“You sponsor it, you get it” editorial June 10) as being desperate after they made public relations/lobbying efforts on the other side of the Sound identified you as provincial, showing more about your ignorance as to how the Legislature works than casting light on Nascar track issues. The Legislature is the body that will have to authorize these bonds, so it makes sense to bring the lobbying efforts to where the most legislators and influential opinion makers are. We desperately need to broaden our tax base so that less of the costs of government are borne by residential property owners.

The Poulsbo Chamber sponsored meeting last week brought people from both sides of the issue together. Here is what I learned that evening:

This track is probably the only and last train to leave the station that can invest the number of dollars needed to bring needed infrastructure to the long dormant South Kitsap industrial area. Contrary to the squelchers saying that it will be served by port-a-potties, sewer and utility lines will have to be run. This provides opportunities for latecomers to pay fees to hook up without footing the whole bill. These fees could help pay down the bonds.

Proponents look to leverage their dollars through borrowings to make this happen. They need legislative approval to do so. If they fail, it won´t be the local taxpayers who take the loss, it will be the bondholders.

What you should focus on is the number and nature of sweeteners that the ISC folks are seeking alongside the financing. This is where this county could end up on the short end of the stick should the commissioners fail to drive a hard bargain.



Today’s youth

Tips for kids to live a healthy, active life

I am concerned about children not eating healthy and not being as active in the summer.

I believe that children in the summer are not being as active because of the new Xbox 360, PSP (PlayStation Portable), and the new version of the Nintendo DS.

Ideas for the summer are: Going to the library, bike riding, the park or tag. Children should also know the hazards of not having an active early life, later he or she may have diabetes, heart disease and/or obesity.

Kids should be aware of the cause and effect of not being active. They are choosing their future. Ideas to help eat healthy are: Try introducing new foods, making healthy food with all natural sugars, like apple pie with real apples and homemade juice with no added sugars.

Eating healthy really is not that hard but it makes it hard when children do not start to eat healthy and they get into a bad habit of chocolate, soda and video games. So parents should try to help their children eat healthy and make the right choices early on.



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