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Politicians: Who can we trust?

One might wonder why the American people have such a low opinion of politicians, especially those in Congress. Considering that last week I received a letter from Sen. Cantwell in response to my letter criticizing her for her multi-million dollar useless earmarks. She responded to my criticism by saying that she was behind a bill that would make the earmark process more transparent. She didn’t apologize for her earmarks, she just said that we will be able to find out on the Net when she and her crooked colleagues are sticking it to us. There will be a Web site out there someplace telling us all about it, that is, if we can find it.

Also consider that our Congressman “Super Delegate” Jay Inslee’s justification for backing Hillary in the primaries is that Sen. Kennedy of Massachusetts is backing Obama. Now, who cares who Kennedy backs. I voted for Obama in the primaries and I expect my “Super Delegate” Inslee to do the same. It is a representative government, isn’t it, and Inslee is supposed to represent me, right? Who pulls these politician’s strings? It must not be me.

And look at my man, Obama. He’s pandering to the Israelis via AIPAC promising to be hard on the Palestinians. He isn’t the president yet and he is already offering up our men to protect the Israelis, to help them cleanse Palestine of the Palestinians. What have the Israelis ever done for us. Nothing. What business do we have in Palestine? None. Pretty soon I expect to hear Obama offering to bomb Iran and to leave our troops in Iraq for another hundred years.

Who can we trust? It is obviously not our Democratic politicians. You want my campaign contributions - come and pry it out of my me. The only near positive thing that we can say for our Democrat politicians is that they are not Republicans.



Reckless spending: Rockefeller is guilty

I am curious, does anyone ever read the reports coming from our state governing body or do they just take the word of television reporters? It is an election year and of course the bashing of President Bush will increase, as he is responsible for everything and anything that happens to our country! I have even heard that grass is not growing well and it is President Bush’s fault. Not true.

Washington state is almost the highest, if not the highest, state in the nation that taxes its people past the limit of reasonable. We do have a say in this, don’t we? Let’s put it this way, only if our senators will act according to our votes. So, why does Sen. Rockefeller choose his party over his constituents? He has been a part of the most reckless state spending spree in Washington’s history. He is guilty of strapping us with a huge budget deficit for the coming years.

For example, Rockefeller supported SB 5726, the Family Medical Leave Act. It sounds good because it allows workers to take up to five weeks of paid leave ($250 per week) to spend time with a newborn or newly adopted child.

However, there are already five different types of leave policies: a State Family Leave Law, the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act, State Maternity Disability regulation and others that help families bond with children and aid sick family members.

Do we really need another act which will be funded with a new tax on employees? Can employees afford another imposed, unnecessary act?

By the way, it also creates a new 90-person bureaucracy. We get to pay for all of this too! Another totally unnecessary tax. There are five, do we need six?



Letters on letters: Blind, unreasoning attachment

Matt Ryan’s letter, “An apology is owed” (CK Reporter, May 31) is a perfect example of blind, unreasoning attachment to the Jews and the Israeli cause.

His vague generalization that he has “spent a lifetime witnessing the tragic history of the Jewish people” yah-da, yah-da, yah-da, is a tiresome Swan song played by people who don’t bother to uncover the facts.

Ryan’s hyperbole exceeds his hubris when he asserts that “millions” of Jews were forced to migrate from Muslim lands because of their “dehumanizing hatred” of Jews. Hundreds of thousands (not millions) of Jews lived peacefully side-by-side in Palestine for centuries prior to 1948.

True, the Germans placed Jews in camps and forced them to work in German factories as a war measure but Germany’s Official Policy never called for their “near extermination.”

Official Red Cross Reports and other documents indisputably confirm the total count of Jewish dead in labor camps was approximately 400,000 not 6,000,000. These deaths were due to disease and starvation not gas. Churchill, Gen De Gaulle and Eisenhower (himself a Jew and rabid German hater) wrote exhaustive histories of World War II without mentioning an alleged “Holocaust.”

Was this an oversight? The “holocaust” appears to be another (surprise!) Jewish fable.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once stated, “I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Is this why TV and the media shove the “holocaust” myth down our throats ad nauseam?

Apparently, American Jews and the ilk of Mr. Ryan pledge allegiance to Israel first and America second. Seems to me Ryan and the “Jewish Community” owes all Americans an “apology,” including yours truly.



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